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Root Canal

A root canal is needed when a tooth  that has a great deal of decay or may be infected. 

Trauma to a tooth can also cause a nerve to die.  Inside each root of the tooth is a nerve called the pulp.  If decay reaches or gets close to the pulp then a root canal will be needed to treat that tooth. 

It is very important to save teeth. When there is a space due to a lost tooth it creates other problems in the mouth. 

A root canal is usually done in one visit.  When the tooth is numb the canals are cleaned from all nerve or pulp tissue.  After carefully cleaning out each canal in the root the tooth is filled with a special medicated material. 

A week or so after the root canal is complete the tooth will need to  be treated with a crown or if a crown is in place a composite filling will be used to seal the opening permanently.  

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