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Dental Implants

Implants are a great solution to a missing tooth. 

An implant does take a bit longer to complete but is well worth It in the end.  If there is a missing tooth an xray will determine if the implant can be started right away or will bone need to be added for the proper integration  of the implant to the bone. 

Implants can take several months to complete because of healing time.  An implant is placed  into the bone  and will need about three months to heal.  In approximately three months a new x-ray will be taken to make sure  the implant has integrated with the bone.

When it is healed a post is placed in the implant which a new crown will be cemented onto.  The shades are matched to the surrounding teeth to create a very natural beautiful look. 

To learn more about dental implants, please call our Pleasanton dental office at (925) 846-2231