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Bridges are made to close a space in-between teeth where a tooth may be missing. 

A bridge is made up of three crowns that are attached to each other.  It is anchored to two teeth on either side of the space with a Pontic which is an artificial tooth. 

These three crowns  are soldered together which creates the bridge.  A bridge takes two appointments. 

The first appointment is to prepare the teeth and take an impression of the prepared area.  The impression goes to a highly qualified lab  and there the bridge is made. 

The second appointment is for cementation of the bridge.  At this time the bridge is tried in very carefully, checked and adjusted if needed.  At that time it is then cemented permanently. 

Bridges are very durable and with good home care and regular  teeth cleaning they can last for years.

To learn more about bridges, please call our Pleasanton dental office at (925) 846-2231